Becker knives are collaborations between Ethan Becker and Ka-Bar knife. The design and production of various knives started in 2008 between Becker Knife & tool and Ka-bar. The Becker line of knives is designed especially for survivalists and tactical enthusiasts. Each knife goes through many vigorous tests to ensure quality, durability and strength. You can rest assured when buying a Becker knife because over it's over 30 years of knife designing experience. Check Dollar Tactical supply for new arrivals and specials from Becker Knives.

We stock Becker pocket knives that have either multiple blades or a single blade. Becker pocket knives are some of the most recognizable knives in today's world. These multi-purpose knives are versatile and can fit in most Becker pockets. Becker pocket knives are ideal for campers, collectors and travelers. Some knives include scissors, files, money clips, toothpicks and much more. Our Becker pocket knives come from manufactures all around the world, using only the highest quality materials. Check the features of each Becker pocket knife to determine which fits your needs the most. Contact Dollar Tactical Supply with any questions to get help from one of our highly trained staff members.

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